Amino avids are commonly known as the building blocks of proteins. They are samll molecules characterized by an amino group and a carboxyl group in addition to a side chain which is specific to each amino acid. Proteins consists of up to 22 amino acids, but these are currently approximately 500 known amino acids. Amino acids have many other biological functions than proteinogenesis such as acting as neurotransmitters, metabloic intermediates or as precursors to other amino acids or larger molecules. 

Vitas GC-MS platform for amino acids as capable of measuring free amino acids, organic acids and di/tripeptides with great precision and acuracy in a variety of matricies. We have extensive experience with several different types of biological samples. Our highly sensitive analysis platform enable the use of limited sample volumes such as 10 µL whole blood/plasma or by using microsampling devices such as dried blood spots


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