Lipidomic Analytical Services

Lipids are one of the building blocks of life and are a diverse group of compounds having different chemical/physical properties and are involved in many vital biological functions including storing energy, signalling and as structural components of cell membranes. In addition, lipids have other vital applications isuch as n the food and cosmetic industires.

Lipidomics is the study of lipids compounds in biological systems. Several recent studies have demonstrated that lipids are involved in health and disease, such are cardivascular disease, obeisity, diabetes and degenarative disorders such as alzheimers disease.  

The overall aim of lipidomics is to gain as much information about the identity and levels of different lipids present. With our lipidomic platform, the different classes of lipids are well separated and quantified using state-of-the-art technology such as UPLC coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry. We have experience on applying the comprehensive lipidomic platform on a variety of different sample types such as plasma/serum and whole blood, erythrocytes, tissue, saliva, etc. 

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