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Method development & Validation

Vitas analytical services possesses unique expertise for developing high quality and novel methodology for determination of scale- and corrosion inhibitors in difficult matrices such as high salinity produced water, cooling or heating media and seawater.
Vitas AS has developed a near generic methodology for scale inhibitor analysis that is applicable to multiple chemistries. A few examples (but not limited to) are sulphonated tagged copolymers, phosphonated tagged copolymers, phosphonates and polyamine copolymers.

Using a unique high technological approach, new chemistries of scale inhibitors can be applied without laborious and costly method development. This ensures a time and cost effective approach for scale inhibitor method development for our customers. New analytical methods are developed continuously for our clients. 

In addition to our near generic methodology, we also have an extensive range of different analytical techniques available for analysis and method development.

• Gas Chromatography – FID and MS
• LC-MS (SQ)
• LC-MS/MS ( QqQ)
• LC-MS/MS ( Iontrap)
• LC-HR-MS (Time-Of-Flight)
• Spectrophotometry