Marine Oils

The oceans are a cradle of life supporting many different  forms of marine life.  Marine ingredients are nutritious products derived from marine beings such as fish, krill, octopuss, calanus, shellfish and algae used mainly for human consumption or animal feed.

Fishmeal and fish oil are the two most common marine ingredients. But meal and oil can also be produced from other species like e.g. krill and calanus. Large resources are currently comitted to research for new bioactive compounds from the the life in the oceans and lesser known marine ingredients such as petides, proteins, poly saccarides, chitosan and enzymes are becoming increasingly important.

Marine ingredients can be used across a broad range of applications from their traditional use as feed ingredients to applications in health food supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

As for all research in to new compunds and refinemnet of these into comercial products, extensive examination of identity, purity and contaminanats as well studies on stability is needed. All of wich requires developemnet of new analytical methods that are well suited for these new matrixes and molecules. For the finished products a strigent quality control, including various analyticals techniques and methodology, is required.

Vitas has extensive experience with analytical examination with a wide range of sample types from the sea, crude extracts, and finished products from these.

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AM-281Total inorganics in marine oil  by ashing and gravimeteric analysis
AM-100Lipid oligomers in marine oils
AM-059Quantification of  1-Penten-3-ol in marine oil by headspace GC-FID
 AM-032Quantification of Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA) in marine oils by LC-UV-FLD-MS