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Thomas E. Gundersen

Chief Excecutive Offiicer (CEO), MSc, PhD
Previous: Bioindex, Medical faculty, University of Oslo

Dr. Thomas E. Gundersen is CEO and co-founder of Vitas and obtained his Master  in organic analytical chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo in 1995, and later his Ph.D. (Dr. Philos) from the Depertment of Nutrition, Medical Faculty, University of Oslo. He has published a number of papers in the field of chromatographic determination of lipids, phytochemicals, vitamins and antioxidants.

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Anders Dahlgren

Chief technological officer (CTO)
Previous: Department of pharmacy, UIO

Anders Dahlgren is the CTO of Vitas AS. Anders holds a MSc in Chemistry from the University of Stockholm and University of Oslo. Before Anders joined Vitas in 1999, he had 8 years of working experience as a research scientist at the Pharmaceutical Faculty of University of Oslo, and as a chemical analyst in a Swedish company. During his 14 years with Vitas he has been working as an analytical scientist where he has gained an exceptional knowledge concerning analysis, method development and instrumental challenges.

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Marit Markhus

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Previous: Medical-technical company based in Oslo

Marit Markhus is head of finance at Vitas AS. She holds a B.A Hons. Business Studies (Siviløkonom) from the University of Stirling, Scotland. Marit has 14 years working experience from various industries in the U.S and Norway. Before joining Vitas in January 2012, she held the position as General Manager in a U.S owned medical-technical company based in Oslo.

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Tonje Fossheim

Chief Operation Officer (COO)
Previous: GE Healthcare, Qiagen, Genovision

Tonje Fossheim is head of Vitas Pharma services. She brings 6 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry (GE Healthcare), where she held several manager roles. She has broad experience in project management, spanning from research projects to pharma construction projects. She started her career as a research scientist in the biotech industry (GenoVision/QIAGEN), where her involvement spanned idea to product release, both technically as well as business sense. Tonje holds an MSc in Genetics, dep. Molecular Biology, University of Oslo.

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