Scale Inhibitors

Vitas AS has developed a near generic methodology for scale inhibitor analysis that is applicable to multiple chemistries. A few examples (but not limited to) are sulphonated tagged copolymers, phosphonated tagged copolymers, phosphonates and polyamine copolymers.

Using a unique high technological approach, new chemistries of scale inhibitors can be applied without laborious and costly method development.

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AM-246Quantitative determination of scale inhibitors in field water using SPE and LC-AJS-ESI-MS/MS 
AM-245Quantification of polymeric residual scale inhibitors in production field water using SPE and LC-AJS-ES-MS/MS 
 AM-207Quantitative determination of Scale inhibitor Aquarite ESL in field water using SPE and GPC/SEC-UV 
AM-034Quantitative determination of polymeric scale inhibitors type A in produced water using SPE and LC-ESI-MS/MS